Titan ~ Smart Electrical Distribution

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Titan is the next step of advanced technology for the yacht/ship, with the automation of the Electrical Distribution.  In the past, all Electrical Distribution systems were a repetition of old designs with large electrical breaker distribution panels located on each deck of the yacht/ship.  From these distribution panels, long cable runs were needed to connect to each electrical consumer, such as lighting, galley appliances, electrical outlets, air conditioning handlers, etc.

Our Titan designs eliminate these cumbersome panels by placing small remote controlled and monitored electrical panels close to the consumer electrical systems.   Since these smaller breaker panels can be monitored and controlled remotely, they can be located in deck-heads or other hidden locations, eliminating the need for accessibility.

The Titan software operates on any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser and access to the wifi network onboard the yacht.  The richness of the UI (User Interface), allows for easy operation, and a wealth of information available at the fingertips of the engineer.  The remote control is restricted to allows logins along with software lockouts of breakers for service.


Cable runs are radically reduced, resulting in cable, labor, weight and space savings.  Yacht/Ship build times are also reduced as individual blocks can be prewired with the remote breaker panels.  The individual breakers within our Titan system are a unique product from our partner, Carling Technologies, Inc.  These Titan/Octoplex remotely monitored and controlled breakers, are of the highest quality hydraulic – magnetic design, providing for precise trip curves independent of ambient temperatures.  Our Titan/Octoplex panels come with the Lloyds Type Approvals.