METS ~ Marine Equipment Trade Show

Amsterdam Rai Center, Netherlands - November 13th-15th, 2018- Booth location:  Super Yacht Pavilion #10.518  & the Global Superyacht Forum from November 12th – 14th. 

Palladium has been hard at work designing a new interactive 4m X 2m, 4K LED Video Wall. The content on this video wall will be driven by 55” 4K portrait mode Kiosk, which presents Palladium’s products such as SiMONX Monitoring, AV Entertainment, IT Networks and Security, and the new Titan Smart Electrical Distribution system in futuristic movies and animations. This incredible show stopping feature will mesmerize with its 4K content and infinite contrast levels.  See how you can have this immersive video presentation for your next yacht project.

Palladium’s Newest Titan Smart Electrical Solution will also be on display at the Superyacht Forum Innovation Lounge.  Titan is the next step of advanced technology for the yacht/ship, with the automation of the Electrical Distribution.  Titan eliminates large electrical breaker distribution panels and long cable runs to each electrical consumer, by placing small remote controlled and monitored electrical panels close to the consumer electrical systems.  Since these smaller breaker panels can be monitored and controlled remotely, they can be located in deck-heads or other hidden locations, eliminating the need for accessibility. The remote Titan Electrical Panels are connected on a multi-drop network, which is then interfaced to the ships IT network, which then allows any Engineer to access the Titan screens.

Titan Orginal logo w silver text

Cable runs are radically reduced, resulting in cable, labor, weight and space savings. Yacht/Ship build times are also reduced as individual blocks can be prewired with the remote breaker panel.




























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METS logo

METS logo