Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Ft. Lauderdale – Oct. 31st-Nov. 4th, 2018 - Bahia Mar Marine Center,  Booth Location: Yacht Builders Tent # 685.  By far the world’s largest and most highly visible boat show, Palladium always enjoys this show as we get to show off our latest technology and this year is no exception.

It’s no secret that Palladium has a passion for technology. Palladium will be introducing Titan Smart Electrical Distribution System.Titan Orginal logo w silver text

Titan is the next step of advanced technology for the yacht/ship, with the automation of the Electrical Distribution.  Electrical Distribution systems have been old designs with large electrical breaker distribution panels located on each deck, where long cable runs were needed to connect to each electrical consumer.  Our Titan designs, replace these panels with small remote controlled and monitored electrical panels close to the consumer electrical systems.  These breaker panels can be monitored and controlled remotely, and can be located in deck-heads or other hidden locations, eliminating the need for accessibility.  Cable runs are radically reduced, resulting in cable, labor, weight and space savings.  Yacht/Ship build times are also reduced as individual blocks can be prewired with the remote breaker panels.












Palladium, a total solutions based company, offers SiMON X the Alarm, Monitoring and Control system, with  more sophisticated alarm processing, setting the stage for routines based on AI Mchine Learning, making SiMON X an intelligent critical core system for the super yachts.

Cyber- will also be on display at this years booth. Palladium is also well known for its IT Networking, CCTV Security, Cabin and Lighting control and Electrical services to name a few.

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