Palladium Technologies, LLC. expanded its operations last fall by adding an office in Hamburg, Germany in support of its European Operations.

Anchoring our German office is Gerardo Salazar, who is our Director of European Operations.  Gerardo has quite an extensive management and technical marine background.  His previous position, which he held for 8 years with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Blohm+Voss, was as VP Engineering Outfitting and Interior Design, and prior to that for 7 years at Lürssen as Head of Outfitting Design Department.

Michael Blake, President of Palladium Technologies said that “it is exciting to work with Gerardo a person of high moral and technical fiber, as we bring forth the AV, IT, AMS, Security, and Electrical skills of Palladium Technologies, with a focus on Europe. With our office in Germany, we are in a better position to support all of our customers with immediate responses.”

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Contact Gerardro at;
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