“Security as a condition is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm.”


Using this definition of security, today’s yachts have required greater levels of active protection.  Our systems designs are comprised of DVR’s, High Resolution Thermal Image Cameras, High-Definition Day Cameras, Gated Image-Intensified HD Night Vision Cameras, Sonar Diver Detection, Biometric Access Control, and even Aerial Drones.

Palladium’s software engineers are constantly working on the “bleeding edge” of technology and security is always at the forefront.

We believe that security should extend to protecting the owner’s data while onboard, and we provide this cloak of protection with our secure IT systems.

Addressing security onboard a yacht, starts first with understanding the owner’s requirements, then designing a system utilizing the best technology tools that are at the forefront.

Drones of today are waterproof, fast and agile. Outfitted with cameras on gimbals they are a convenient tool to use when looking for a wayward guest on a jet ski or investigating a stranger in an approaching vessel.  Augmented Reality is also being used by Palladium to integrate real time viewing of drone surveillance with hi-tech glasses allowing the user to be able to make timely and possibly life saving decisions.

MY Deja Vu w drone