As a society, we are evolving our use of technology at an almost exponential rate.  For most people this is a natural reaction; in fact, a requirement.  We have discovered that,overall; technology has made our lives better, allowing us to focus on what we do best.

SiMON GOLD was conceived many years ago, but its birth was delayed, by the lack of available technologies required for its foundation. Finally, Palladium Technologies announces the introduction of SiMON GOLD, the convergence of functionality and innovation forming, total technology integration for today’s yachts.

Palladium Technologies’ more recent experience with the Apple technology, as an original beta software developer for the iPhone, resulted in our system iSiMON.  Our subsequent release of SiMON2 for the iPad opened the door for the creation of SiMON GOLD.Fuel-Oil-Screen

Our objective was to take a new technology platform, the use of finger gestures and multi-touch LCDs, and blend it with our implementation of alarm, monitoring, control, security (HD cameras, terminal and laser imaging, diver detection sonar, etc.) and dynamic engineering document control, including the helm switches and indicators software integration, resulting in one common intuitive user interface.

Glass Bridge

The bridge of today’s modern yacht is the hub, the central nervous system from which the vessel operates.  Past bridges are a collection of equipment from many different vendors each with their own unique controls, switches, dials and interfaces.  Assessing all of these individual and unique interfaces to quickly identify potential issues becomes a challenge for our minds.

SiMON GOLD provides one common, and ergonomically engineered, user-interface, delivering instrumentation and functionality, on clean multi-touch glass panels.  The panels are positioned in the more traditional vertical format, along with one horizontal rectangular glass panel (multiple LCDs bonded from below), that replaces all of the switches and indicators on the helm surface.


The key to SiMON GOLD is in the implementation, which again is an extension of our work with the Apple multi-touch devices.  Using finger gestures, the user can drag items from the menu bars, dynamically creating View Port(s).  Simply using two fingers, allowing the resizing of items or frames, along with rotation, eventually creates a View Port exactly to the user’s needs.

Palladium Technologies has created SiMON GOLD with the idea that this system will be the one tool, providing a collection of the critical information and control, dynamically created and maintained by the user, (Captain and his staff).

At the heart of our SiMON GOLD is our software, built with the inherent capability for dynamic change.  Should the yacht’s requirements change, adding system controls can be completed in moments, rather than weeks; all because of the SiMON GOLD designs and gestures implementation. Our “hard” electrical interface to the actual systems equipment is all done ‘under the covers’in a completely redundant design that addresses classification requirements.

SiMON GOLD closes the gap between science fiction and reality, setting the standard for future glass bridge designs and implementations.