Lighting Control

Dining room

Lighting systems are an important element in the total experience of the owner and the guests.  Setting the mood for an evening of dining and entertainment, or just watching a movie in the privacy of a cabin, can be achieved by the correct lighting fixtures and light control.

Rapid advances in LED and OLED lighting have brought new challenges of controlling color tones and dimming.  Palladium carefully engineers the two elements above to work together in providing the ultimate solutions, for each area of the yacht.  Our electrical, electronics and software engineers carefully test and integrated the lighting fixtures and dimming modules to provide clean, energy efficient solutions utilizing proven components.


All of our designs can be standalone, while also being integrated into our total solutions AV entertainment and automated window treatment systems.

Palladium Technologies was selected for the refit on MY Lady Lola, where we replaced the AV, Lighting Control, Blinds Control and IT systems. We designed the Lighting System by using the Vantage Lighting Control system, which resulted in a flawless implementation.

Ease of programming, along with the flexibility of the I/O modules were some of the the reasons that Vantage has become our major vendor for lighting control system.

The support that we received from Vantage for this implementation was exceptional, and continues on our other projects today.

With over 38 iPads onboard MY Lady Lola, the owner and guest have complete control over their entertainment, while also adjusting the lighting and multiple levels of blinds and shades.