AV Entertainment “Intelligence You Can See”

King Baby 140

M/Y King Baby                                                                                                        Photo credit Thierry Dehove

Technology is constantly expanding at a very rapid rate, which is most obvious in our entertainment systems.  Our AV designs are representative of our desire to embrace this technology by providing our customers with a close to real-life experience on their yachts.  This is coupled with simple, but elegant user interfaces, while providing expandability for future advances and integration.

Rack pro photo 2







Our system designs are scalable, all the way up to and beyond our OLED video walls, which are comprised of tiled OLED super thin panels, providing a larger than life dynamically changing living wall.


Other examples of our AV implementations are,

Palladium Technologies was selected for the refit on MY Lady Lola, where we replaced the AV, Lighting Control, Blinds Control and IT systems. We designed the IT-WiFi backbone using Aruba Networks, which supports our Savant AV Entertainment system and the Vantage Lighting Control system.

With over 38 iPads onboard MY Lady Lola, the owner and guest have complete control over their entertainment, while also adjusting the lighting and multiple levels of blinds and shades.