jArVis Entertainment & Concierge System

  Palladium once again leverages off of its experience with UI-User Interfaces to announce jArVis.

jArVis is their new AV – Entertainment and Concierge System with a Crestron controlled structure.

Main home screenBlinds Screens

Main Salon _Screens_8

Palladium believes that a UI must be simple to use by anyone from 8 years to 80 years old, and have the elegance to complement the beautiful yachts that it resides on. Michael Blake of Palladium Technologies commented, “that our graphics follow the format of a style called Skeuomorphism, which was the only style of graphics favored by Steve Jobs, of Apple Computers.” Blake said that, “humans think and visualize in 3D, so this Skeuomorphism style is quicker and easier for a person to adapt to, as opposed to a flat graphic style.”

Simplicity of the AV control screens was essential in the original design requirements, which was met in the final release of this AV product.

Jarvis home screen

jArVis AV system also includes our optional Concierge System, which dovetails off of the main designs to provide a simple yet elegant way for the owner and his guests to summon immediate assistance.  Using the same iPads and control screens for the jArVis AV system, the user is presented with options such as, Drinks, Food, Steward, Medical, Security, etc., via icons.  By selecting one of these icons, a message is directed to the crew areas touch screens, and/or crew Apple iPhone/Apple Watches.  This message is dynamically routed so that the ideal crew member may address this request directly.

jArVis request log page

If there should be the need for additional details, a touch of the screen or crew device initiates a wireless VOIP call directly between the two parties onboard the yacht, using the built-inmicrophones and speakers of the existing AV control devices.

Simplicity, elegance and functionality is what jArVis brings to the AV control systems for Palladium’s yacht owners. 



Our system designs are scalable, all the way up to and beyond our OLED video walls, which are comprised of tiled OLED super thin panels, providing a larger than life dynamically changing living wall.


Other examples of our AV implementations are,

Palladium Technologies was selected for the refit on MY Lady Lola, where we replaced the AV, Lighting Control, Blinds Control and IT systems. We designed the IT-WiFi backbone using Aruba Networks, which supports our Savant AV Entertainment system and the Vantage Lighting Control system.

With over 38 iPads onboard MY Lady Lola, the owner and guest have complete control over their entertainment, while also adjusting the lighting and multiple levels of blinds and shades.