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Cameras that carry the latest in certifications


Our CCTV designs can deploy the most advanced implementations, including AI driven facial recognition. This software can monitor a camera’s images 100’s of times a second, verifying that the person identified, is allowed in that area of the yacht, providing a level of security that can’t be achieved by a person.


We utilize cameras that have proven themselves in the marine environment and carry the latest in certifications. This includes more advanced cameras such as cooled infrared cameras and tracking by the Current Corporation that rival military equipment.


Our cameras are selected by our designers from the top suppliers, utilizing PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom), complete 360 degree cameras, and small discrete cameras for protecting artwork, all with the highest resolutions and low light capabilities.


Palladium’s own elegant camera lifts, allow for cameras to be hidden from view when the owner is onboard, via a touch of our master security console software.


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