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Palladium knows how important it is to protect you from the most dangerous and invasive form of terrorism.


Our Access Control System employs technology that allows, controls or restricts access to areas of the yacht. This could be as simple as the crew access, or to denying access from the exterior of the yacht of unwanted personal. In addition, owner and guest areas can have unique access control, protecting not only their assets but their privacy.


The technology that we deploy for access control can begin with a key card or key fob, moving onto biometric, finger print, facial recognition, and retina scans.


Facial recognition using biometrics and AI to map facial features, vastly improves the security of the yacht, by identifying “safe personnel”, and then controlling where and how they have access to specific areas of the yacht at defined times of the day. This all takes place in a real-time mode, automatically, relegating the exceptions to be handled by the Security Officer onboard the yacht.


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Each project demands different implementations of our technologies, which is taken into consideration by our design engineers. They then present a security design utilizing our access control tools to satisfy these exact security needs.

Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular and successful methods used for person identification and with the advancements in software and hardware technology has improved dramatically of the last few years. Our acceptance of this technology for security access has been proven by the wide recognition of Apple iPhone fingerprint control.