Monitoring, Alarm and Control

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Our SiMON X – AMS (Alarm Monitoring and Control System) has set the standard for AMS systems on yachts.  The power of this system for managing, controlling and alarming on the critical operational systems is second to none.  


SiMON X has evolved from our original SiMON system of origin of over 20 years ago, to include new features such as:


  • Futuristic graphical user interface, built from over 30 years of human interface engineering
  • Support for 4K – ultra high-resolution displays
  • Intuitive alarm notifications
  • Radical new screen navigation – inspired by movies such as the Minority Report
  • More powerful alarm processing, leading the way for AI – Expert based learning


Our system connects to hardwired sensors such as bilge level, door monitoring, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc. along with including direct serial data connections to well over 100 intelligent systems, including engines, water makers, switchboard, shore power converters, HVAC, etc.

All of our systems are customized for each customer including the UI (User Interface), utilizing our unique screen build utility.  


The depth of our Alarm system allows for highly customized alarm conditions, which reduces to almost zero the false alarms which have been typical in other systems.  This is done by building alarm conditions which act the same way that engineers think, with conditional statements and alarm dependencies. Again, all of this customizable for each yacht.


Our history logging saves all alarm histories for up to ten years, along with operational data for one year.  This provides a wealth of information which can be used to diagnose issues and report back patterns.


We have designed our system so that there can be an unlimited number of fully functional Alarm Stations, which are comprised of marinized computers and displays.


Our system architecture is by nature fully redundant and is not dependent upon any master station for control.  Dual Ethernet data paths, meet all of the requirements for classification societies such as Lloyds GL.


Our hardware is comprised of PLC’s which carry the Lloyds, ABS, DNV, etc. type approvals.