Lighting Control

Palladium Technologies, LLC / Lighting Control

The ambiance of a yacht is reflective upon how the lighting system was designed and ultimately controlled.  Combinations of direct and indirect lighting, interactions with the surface materials and colors are part of the inputs to our lighting design software.  Our lighting designer can provide the recommended fixtures, locations, and color tones to enhance the user experience.


Behind the covers, our lighting control hardware and software work in concert to control the lights to achieve the correct balance for the moment.  Dynamic lighting scenes can be selected at the touch of a button, to blend the lighting to fit the mood of the user.


Control can be from simple switches on the walls to our elegant wall touch panels. We can incorporate  LCD touch screens, both wall mounted and Wi-Fi mobile enabled.  


The user experience is the most important goal in our Lighting Systems, and our design engineers work to provide this rich user experience, using all of software and hardware tools at their disposal.

Palladium can provide an end-to-end lighting solution or whenever possible, integrate a portion of our technology with user-supplied lighting fixtures.

superyacht in the water with lighted bottom

Underwater lights can enhance the beauty of the yacht, with color changing lights that extend outward from the yacht as rays of light reflecting on the water.  These lights can be tuned to the music onboard, accentuating the party environment, along with the added security that these lights bring.