IT Systems

Superyacht IT Technology


The IT system is the backbone for the majority of technology on-board any superyacht. The IT system serves as the data conduit for communication between the operational system and the users; in essence, this technology serves as the central nervous system of the yacht. As such, the IT system must be robust and ultra-reliable, with room for future upgrades and no room for errors in performance.


At Palladium Technologies, our designs take into account the exponential growth of data and technology: we future-proof these systems for the implementation of “big data” to ultimately prepare the system for an exponential increase in forthcoming data bandwidth needs.

Yacht Wi-Fi Networks and Access Points


We know that our IT systems are critical to the onboard experience of the yacht owner and their crew. Most of the operational technology on a yacht is dependent on a reliable IT system; our IT experts utilize over 100 years of combined experience to design and implement effective systems with confidence.


We relentlessly test and tune our Wi-Fi network range to provide complete coverage for every square inch of the yacht, with seamless hand-offs from one AP (Access Point) to another. This ensures that there is never a drop in coverage or Wi-Fi performance while a user roams the vessel. The average person onboard a yacht may have up to four Wi-Fi connected devices with him/herself; our designs take into account the bandwidth needs of multiple users, as well as the expansive growth of wearable technology and what that means for bandwidth.

Ultra Fast Yacht Technology


We source our technology requirements from some of the biggest names in the industry: Cisco, Aruba Networks, HP, Palo Alto Networks, Barracuda Networks, Juniper Networks, Ruckus, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Rittal, and SolarWinds, to name a few.


When you combine the best technology in the business with the excellence of Palladium’s engineers, the end result is something truly remarkable. Our systems are used by guests and owners of our yachts, many of whom are the technology giants of our time. People of this caliber demand instant connectivity for their smartphones, laptops, and devices, as their time is quite valuable. Our IT systems meet and exceed the needs and demands of these technology gurus by assuring connection, productivity, and privacy.