iiCaptain is an iPad application developed for operation of the propulsion, steering and anchoring of a yacht, wirelessly. Today for close in maneuvering of a large yacht, being tethered to a wing station is not the only choice. iiCaptain provides the instant response to onscreen controls, along with the feedback that is needed, all from the elegance of an Apple iPad.

iiCaptain was originally developed at an owner’s request, to maneuver and anchor the 42m futuristic tri-maran, MY Adastra. With control over her main engine, along with the two outboard engines, iiCaptain provides fingertip throttle and rudder control. Once the yacht is maneuvered to an ideal spot for anchorage, any of the three anchors can be deployed from iiCaptain. This includes opening the hatches, extending the anchor assembly and deploying the anchor, while providing both a graphic representation of the amount of chain being deployed.

This was the first time that a Mega-Yacht has been driven via an iPad, along with complete control over the ground tackle. In support of iiCaptain a fully redundant Wi-Fi network onboard, iiCaptain provides the reliability required for these operations.

Should an issue develop with the iPad, automatic control is passed back to the main helm station for operation, and all engines are safely brought to a neutral position. Other safeties were built in forcing an authorized “login”, and “take over control” before any operations can be controlled by the iPad running iiCaptain.

iiCaptain’s adapabilty and expandability was designed as part of our core software system for the iPad. “Under the Covers” our PLC (Lloyds, DNV, etc.) based system acts as the gateway to the ships systems, engines, etc.

We believe that our iPad based iiCaptain offers a radically new approach to maneuvering and anchor control for yachts.