Glass Bridge

Enhanced Functionality and Design


The glass bridge is a hallmark of the modern megayacht wheelhouse. Palladium designs integrated bridge systems that combine functional ergonomics with elegant and stylish presentation. Palladium’s glass bridge installations, with large high-resolution marinized flat-screen displays, are designed to provide a bright, clear picture under all lighting conditions.


A complete integrated helm system designed and installed by Palladium Technologies will consist of an ergonomically designed glass bridge with integrated flush horizontal helm panel encompassing controls for; engines, steering, thrusters, critical pumps, horns, wipers, video matrix switch, trackballs, etc. Surface tactile switches are built into the horizontal custom panel, with Palladium’s proprietary soft-blue backlight control for night usage.


As an alternative to our custom panels, we can also build these horizontal surfaces with multi-touch screens bonded to our black glass panels.  All switches and controls are then under the control of our redundant processors, providing the security of reliability of operation.


These designs not only enhance the functionality of yacht operation and navigation but will also provide a clean presentation of the integrated instrumentation.