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IT systems onboard the yachts of today are the critical backbone, supporting the AV Entertainment, Lighting Control, Security, Monitoring and Alarm, Internet, etc. These systems must be designed with the benefit of decades of experience, utilizing redundant and highly reliable equipment.

Our systems come with the pedigree of being utilized on campuses such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. The owners and guests of our yachts, many whom are the technology giants of our time, demand instant connectivity of their online smartphones, laptops, iPads, as their time is quite valuable. Our IT systems meet and exceed their demands, assuring connection and productivity.

Below are examples of our implementations.

Palladium Technologies selected Aruba Networks as it’s prime vendor for their Super Yacht projects. This video profiles one of these yachts, Lady Lola a 205′ (62.5m) yacht built by Oceanco in the Netherlands, which Palladium installed the Aruba Networks systems onboard.