Our goal is to be the premier provider of technology-based integrated solutions. We will constantly strive to provide the highest-quality products, superior support and exemplary service to our customers. At Palladium, we are dedicated to pioneering innovation so that our integrated yacht management systems are universally recognized as the benchmark by which other systems are measured.

Palladium’s President, Mike Blake explains some of Palladium’s products in this in-depth video.

Total Megayacht Solutions

Since 1991, Palladium Technologies has been at the forefront of applying state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies to meet the complex monitoring and control requirements of modern megayachts. Our flagship product, SiMON, has won widespread acclaim throughout the industry for its depth of integrated monitoring and control capabilities, its rich user graphics and its ease of use.

Today, we offer a wide range of fully integrated solutions that encompass all aspects of megayacht management and control, including IT systems, Cyber Security, Monitoring and Alarm systems, Ship’s Security systems, AV entertainment systems, Lighting systems, Glass Bridges, along with complete Electrical designs and systems throughout the yacht. Unique in the industry, our integrated megayacht solutions have been designed and developed by engineers with extensive seagoing experience and an intuitive understanding for the needs of the yacht’s owner, captain, guests, engineer and crew.

Palladium is also listening to its customer’s needs, by offering one source for total integrated solutions, customized to the owner’s requirements, with leading edge technologies. And one thing you can always count on from Palladium, it’s done with thoroughness, quality, elegance and style.