Palladium knows how important it is to protect you from the most dangerous and invasive form of terrorism.

Theft of your privacy.

“Privacy is defined as the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively.”  Privacy is the core of what we all hold dear, and we will go to great extremes to protect this treasured right.

Operating in the darkness of the internet our privacy can be compromised in a flash of a millisecond, exposing us to unfathomable liabilities or embarrassments. These Cyber Hacks, can take the form of loss of money, assets, personal information, identity theft, ransom ware, reputation, and more. Forbes states that the average data breach has a cost of 4 million dollars, along with the lingering damage that remain after the data breach.

What Palldium’s team does is build invisible data “shields” that deflect these intrusive attacks, before they become liability issues.  One side of this is the Cybersecurity, is the use of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage and unauthorized access.

A “Network Penetration Test” is exactly what it says. An analysis to see how vulnerable an entity truly is. The “Team” without known passwords, will enter (if possible) a “protected network” and once there determine its weaknesses.  They then deploy its most advanced tools for Cybersecurity, using AI and Machine Learning appliances. These tools dynamically learn and uncover the attracts and in real-time reconfigure the cyber barriers and locks, to prevent further hacks and network penetrations


Security as a condition is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm.”

Using this definition of security, today’s yachts have required greater levels of active protection.  Our systems designs are comprised of DVR’s, High Resolution Thermal Image Cameras, High-Definition Day Cameras, Gated Image-Intensified HD Night Vision Cameras, discreet 360 Deg. 12 mg indoor/outdoor and staineless, Sonar Diver Detection, Biometric Access Control, and even Aerial Drones.

Palladium’s software engineers are constantly working on the “bleeding edge” of technology and security is always at the forefront. We believe that security should extend to protecting the owner’s data while onboard, and we provide this cloak of protection with our secure IT systems. Addressing security onboard a yacht, starts first with understanding the owner’s requirements, then designing a system utilizing the best technology tools that are at the forefront.

Drones of today are waterproof, fast and agile. Outfitted with cameras on gimbals they are a convenient tool to use when looking for a wayward guest on a jet ski or investigating a stranger in an approaching vessel.  Augmented Reality is also being used by Palladium to integrate real time viewing of drone surveillance with hi-tech glasses allowing the user to be able to make timely and possibly life saving decisions.

Privacy also includes protection from surveillance attacks with intruders using drones. Drones can be used to spy upon the user in the most intrusive or evil way, and in a worstcase scenario, could even deploy debilitating explosives.

Palladium’s team uses Drone Detection systems and provide a means to extend a protective perimeter once again with its “shields”.  In certain circumstances, a drone jammer can be deployed to disrupt the drone’s frequencies andthereby repel these invasive drones.