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Palladium Technologies, LLC / AV Entertainment

Custom Yacht Entertainment Systems


Palladium offers beautifully-designed AV-Entertainment systems for the discerning yacht owner. Each project is as unique as the vessel the work is being performed on; by utilizing years of experience and cutting-edge technology, our AV engineers will provide an unparalleled entertainment system.

As far as technology goes, we have utilized 4K and 8K video, superfine video wall resolutions, and high-fidelity amplifiers and speakers (From California Audio Technology, pictured below) to match the acoustics of the room and to ultimately provide the utmost in audio experience. Many of our designs include compatibility with streaming music and video; each entertainment solution is designed based on the owner’s unique specifications.

The Ultimate Yacht Sound System


We believe that the control system should demonstrate reliability, while our User Interface (UI) must be simple to use and elegant in presentation.  Since our user may be anyone from a young child to a senior adult, the simplicity of use is essential without sacrificing the rich functionality of our system. Our graphic designers are the key to this custom UI, as they build the unique UX (User Experience). We blend functionality, ease-of-use, and elegance into one beautiful package. 

An Immersive Entertainment Solution


Palladium is able to create an unmatched, immersive audio-visual experience; you’ll swear that you are a character in the action movie you are watching. Our entertainment systems are the next-best-thing to attending a live concert performance. We utilize the Dolby Atmos system to transport you into the scene, with audio that is breathtakingly realistic.


We listen, present, then design and implement our systems to meet the exacting requirements of our owners, while utilizing the latest in technological innovation. Our entertainment systems are sought-after for our quality of construction, immersion, and user experience. 

An Unparalleled Marine Audio Experience


Palladium is building User Experiences that are worlds unto their own. Walk the deck of your ship while listening to your favorite childhood songs. Sit down in the theater and experience a film the way it was meant to be watched. Immerse yourself in state-of-the-art technology. When an owner decides to work with Palladium Technologies, they quickly understand why our slogan is “Intelligence at Sea”.