Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality

Palladium Technologies, LLC / Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality

At the Forefront of a Tech Transformation


We have embarked on a technology revolution and Palladium continues to be on the forefront of this technology transformation with implementations onboard our yachts.  Great advances are seen in the world of AI in our everyday lives. AI takes the form of software which is powering the self-learning of systems which can have meaningful improvements on people’s lives.


At Palladium, we believe quite strongly that our implementations onboard yachts, will improve the operations, and assist in achieving efficiencies never thought possible before.  The end result is providing the owner a greater return on their investment, and a yacht that operates at near peak efficiencies.

Palladium’s core technology is software and has been since the inception of Palladium in 1991.  It’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), has over 50 years of advanced computer technology experience, and his experiences are defining the direction for our AI implementations onboard the yachts of today and tomorrow.


AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), are technologies that Palladium has been beta test developers on for some time.  These technologies will distill all of the information that we are collecting in the operation of a yacht, and in the user experience while onboard, by presenting this information in new unique and more organic forms.

We have predicted that this AR and MR will impact the ways that we build yachts, by reducing build errors, improving efficiency and providing levels of support after the build process never ever imagined.  Implementations of these technologies are now being tested.


Look to Palladium in leading the way of implementing these tools to revolutionize the way we build yachts, the way we operate yachts and the way the owner and their guests experience their yacht.