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Our goal is to be the premier provider of technology-based integrated solutions for yachts all around the world. We will constantly strive to provide the highest-quality products, superior support, and exemplary service to our customers.


At Palladium, we are dedicated to pioneering innovation. Our integrated yacht management systems are universally recognized as the benchmark by which other yacht systems are measured.

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Our Yacht Technology Solutions

Since 1991, Palladium Technologies has been at the forefront of state-of-the-art hardware and software application.


Our News

Anatomy of an Alarm & Monitoring System

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The increasingly complex systems required on board today can easily lead to information overload for the crew operating them. Here, the president of Palladium Technologies, Michael Blake, explores the most effective ways to present alarm and monitoring data through the careful design of graphic user interfaces. Yacht monitoring and alarm systems (AMS) must evolve to meet the demands of the ever-growing complexity of today’s yachts. In older systems, which only monitored a few sensor points, with less sophisticated systems, it ... Read More

Bridge to the future

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What will bridges be able to do in the future, and will the technology currently in development ever allow for a truly autonomous yacht? Tim Thomas investigates. It wasn’t so long ago that the bridge of a yacht was little more than a jumbled collection of equipment – radar, depth sounder, radio, windscreen controls and more – clustered together, but each with its own set of switches, dials and styles. The bridge was the preserve of the captain and a ... Read More

Expansion to Europe Announced

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Palladium Technologies, LLC. expanded its operations last fall by adding an office in Hamburg, Germany in support of its European Operations. Anchoring our German office is Gerardo Salazar, who is our Director of European Operations. Gerardo has quite an extensive management and technical marine background. His previous position, which he held for 8 years with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Blohm+Voss, was as VP Engineering Outfitting and Interior Design, and prior to that for 7 years at Lürssen as Head of Outfitting ... Read More